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Festive Lunches 26 Nov to 24 Dec

Your Space, Our Place

When the home office becomes lonely and uninspiring or you need to escape the cramped, noisy corporate office then come and enjoy the relaxed working environment of At Home, the unique lounge area of the Bermondsey Square Hotel.

Whether you are a freelancer, start-up, student or a member of a corporation, everyone is welcome At Home. With the sitting room, TV area, library, dining room and (subject to the great British weather) patio, there is a space to suit everyone.  We have plenty of power sockets, including USB connections and offer complimentary super-fast 100mb fibre-optic Wi-Fi. 

We don’t charge a membership fee and from 11am – 5pm, 7 days a week, help yourself to a cup of tea or filter coffee free of charge.  Who can resist a free cuppa!

Come and be part of the eclectic, friendly community working out of The Bermondsey Square Hotel. 

We will make sure you feel 'At Home'.

'b2 At Home' opening hours: 7am to 11 PM
Breakfast:                 Monday to Friday 7am to 11am
                                Saturday and Sunday 7:30am to 11am
All Day Dining Menu:  Monday to Friday 11am to 11pm
                                (last orders 10.45pm)
                                Saturday and Sunday 11am to 8pm
                                (last orders 7.45pm)
Afternoon Tea:           12 noon to 6pm

Please note: 'b2 At Home' Opening Hours from 24 to 30 December

                                24th – Closes at 6pm ( last order 5: 30pm )

                                25th – Closes at 6pm ( last order 5: 30pm )

                                26th– Closes at 6pm ( last order 5: 30pm )

                                27th– Closes at 8pm ( last order 7:30pm )

                                28th –Closes at 8pm ( last order 7:30pm )

                                29th –Closes at 8pm ( last order 7:30pm )

                                30th –Closes at 8pm ( last order 7:30pm )


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