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Festive Lunches 26 Nov to 24 Dec

Experience London

London Restaurant Festival 1 October to 31 October
London Restaurant Festival takes place in the capital’s best restaurants across the city. It aims to deliver the most memorable and creative events, taking place in the restaurants themselves. These range from chef-hosted lunches to tasting menus and restaurant-hopping tours. Curated by the London Restaurant Festival team, these events will show you the highlights and diversity of London’s thriving restaurant scene

Entomb yourself London Bridge Experience
Plague pits, walls dripping with blood and other unspeakable horrors await you at the London Tombs, our city’s bone-chilling and maze-like catacombs. It bills itself as ‘the UK’s scariest attraction’, but don’t worry – there’s a child-friendly tour available that features all the scares without the actual horror of becostumed drama grads springing out to terrorise you.

The Ghost Bus Tours
It makes sense that a funeral bus would absorb some of the souls and spirits of its former passengers, so take care when you step aboard the Ghost Bus tour. Not only will it take you on a route around some of London’s darkest, dingiest corners but there are some added ghouls on board. It’s basically like a night bus to Dalston, only less psychologically scarring.

The Lord Mayor's Show 10 November
See the Lord Mayor of the City of London take to the streets in a glittering coach as part of a three-mile long ceremony full of innovation, spectacle and pageantry. The Lord Mayor's Show connects the 21st century City to its mediaeval roots to give you the oldest, the biggest and the best free day out in London.

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