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London Festival of Architecture 1-30 June 2019
Takes place across London this June. With an amazing programme of events and activities, everyone will be welcomed into the conversation around architecture and our city: iconic tours, architectural installations and stunning brick creations; energetic debates to Studio Lates; workshops in extraordinary spaces and tours of new places; exhibitions and bespoke artistic commissions; political discussions and lots of new construction – the London Festival of Architecture has something for everyone. What makes this unique is the vast programme of more than 400 exceptional events delivered by a diverse mix of independent organisations and individuals – helping to radically democratise the debate about architecture and in London. The theme for this year’s festival is ‘boundaries’.
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The Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta - standby dates Sundays in June: 2, 9, 16, 30
The official ballooning event of The City of London and is the aerial extension of the historic Lord Mayor’s Show. Each year up to fifty hot air balloons take flight across central London raising awareness and funds for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. Leading the launch is the official Lord Mayor’s Appeal hot air balloon which carries both the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress.For this year’s flight, we will be launching from Battersea Park. The prevailing wind should allow for another stunning and unforgettable flight over Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, London Eye and Tower of London. The standby dates for 2019 are the following Sundays in June: 2, 9, 16, 30. Due to the weather dependent nature of hot air ballooning, this event is on standby for a Sunday morning and will proceed on the first available date when the weather is suitable see here for updates


Borders of Shad Thames – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 8 June 2019
Clear boundaries surround Shad Thames, heightening its distinctive character. To the north and east is water - the River Thames and St Saviours Dock. The waterside location led to Shad Thames becoming a centre for warehousing and brewing from the 18th century onwards, which has left an impressive architectural legacy. By contrast, the west and south edges are bounded by busy roads; yet immediately you turn your back on them, Shad Thames has the intimacy of a village. "Join us to discover how boundaries impact on this special space. We begin with hospitality and an introduction to the area at The Dixon, where we also hear about converting a former Magistrates Court into a leading-edge hotel. We then explore the area on foot, stopping at Tower Bridge Court to learn about the planned refurbishment of this large office building. Continuing our walk, we look at private and public spaces along the streets and waterside, ending at Anise Gallery on Shad Thames. Our conversations will help you decide for yourself if boundaries in Shad Thames - tangible or intangible, real or imagined – determine who lives, works and visits here, and how these boundaries affect the lives of those who do."

Above and beneath – stepping where others have trod - Southwark 27 June 2019
"Every step we take, we hit the ground underfoot, but we have altered what is underfoot in so many ways. We explore the human impact on the environment and how we have shaped urban topographies, and in turn how they have shaped us, modified our behaviors and the patterns of our movement. London Bridge provided the only crossing of the Thames for centuries, and the roads that con-nected to it were always busy with traffic. As a riverside area it was paved in the 1600s, and on this walkshop you will be exploring the significance of the paving’s history all the way back to the 1600s to evidence of the history from yesterday. We will explore the stones themselves, the river gravels on which they were laid, the cracks in them, the litter on top, the chewing gum tarred into them and finally the pebbles and the dirt."

Entomb yourself London Bridge Experience
Plague pits, walls dripping with blood and other unspeakable horrors await you at the London Tombs, our city’s bone-chilling and maze-like catacombs. It bills itself as ‘the UK’s scariest attraction’, but don’t worry – there’s a child-friendly tour available that features all the scares without the actual horror of becostumed drama grads springing out to terrorise you.

The Ghost Bus Tours
It makes sense that a funeral bus would absorb some of the souls and spirits of its former passengers, so take care when you step aboard the Ghost Bus tour. Not only will it take you on a route around some of London’s darkest, dingiest corners but there are some added ghouls on board. It’s basically like a night bus to Dalston, only less psychologically scarring.

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