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Classic to avant-garde

Zandra Rhodes 50 years of Fabulous Fashion and Textile Museum 27 September 2019 – 26 January 2020The acclaimed British designer Dame Zandra Rhodes DBE founded her eponymous fashion house in 1969 with a small collection. Her prints were Pop Art-infused commentaries on the world of Sixties Britain; the designer felt that there was inherent structure within the pattern that could work with and enhance the shape and construction of a dress. With this concept as a starting point and with her distinctive approach to cut and form, the house of Zandra Rhodes soon became one of the most recognisable labels in London. In celebration of fifty years of the Zandra Rhodes’ label, the Fashion and Textile Museum presents Zandra Rhodes: 50 Years of Fabulous. This retrospective will highlight more than 50 key looks, as well as 30 original textiles. This comprehensive exhibition will explore five decades of the distinguished career of a British design legend.

Mary Quant at V&A and Fashion & Textile Museum
The mini skirt is the item of clothing that most people associate with sixties icon Mary Quant. But she was a versatile fashion designer, and V&A pays tribute to how she revolutionised women's fashion on the high street. In an unrelated exhibition the Fashion & Textile Museum explores a similar era from a broader angle, with a show looking at the fashion, homeware, textiles and furniture of this transformative time. 
Mary Quant at V&A. 6 April 2019-February 2020

Vitrine Gallery Bermondsey Square - various
“Our core purpose at VITRINE – the reason I started the gallery – is to encourage artistic experimentation and development. Our model of running ‘vitrine’ spaces allows this. Firstly, these sites mean that we can take more risks: we don’t need to move towards a dealership model, or limit our programme to conservative curatorial choices, in order to be sustainable. Secondly, using an innovative space encourages artists to develop ambitious, experimental works that explore the confines of the space. Finally, our new model frees up resources for collaborative approaches and non-for-profit projects. In 2014, we launched our SCULPTURE AT programme – a programme commissioning a series of public sculptures in London’s Bermondsey Square. Sponsoring this type of work is a vital part of our mission!” – Alys Williams in conversation with Marsha Pearce (2016).

Billingsgate Roman House and Baths April to November 
Beneath the curious cobbled pathways of the Square Mile lies a rich Roman history surviving 2,000 years of building, fires and conflict. Lower Thames Street is home to one of Roman London’s most fascinating remains. The Billingsgate Roman Bathhouse was discovered in 1848, and is now open for public inspection. Explore this fascinating building and get insight into ancient life in the City on a 45-minute guided tour and discover the remains of the Roman Bathhouse which lies hidden beneath office buildings. Tours take place on Saturdays from April to November.

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