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Environmental Policy & Sustainability

As a hotel we recognise that our business will inevitably have an impact on the environment. We are committed to ensuring that we measure and evaluate our current practices, adopting the most effective policies to minimise our carbon footprint and adhere to sustainable practices wherever possible.

Having been developed with Igloo, Europe’s leading regeneration fund, The Bermondsey Square Hotel was an early adopter with initiatives implemented from our opening to minimise our impact on the environment. Alongside this, we have worked with URBED (Urbanism, Environment & Design) & The University of Manchester to monitor and make improvements to the sustainability of the hotel. 

We purchase renewable source electricity from Haven Power to contribute to making sustainable power a reality.

Some of the green and sustainable initiatives adopted by The Bermondsey Square Hotel:

- Reduction in waste and energy
- Minimisation of water levels and water control
- Installation of energy efficient light bulbs
- Centralised electronic control of guest room lighting and heating
- Involvement of staff in environmental and sustainability practices including 50% of staff living within 3 miles of the hotel
- Santander Cycles and bike stands are available next to the hotel to encourage cycling
- Recycling programmes including glass, plastics and paper collected every 8 weeks
- Whilst we are still using plastic bottles our aim is to stop in the near future
- Food is recycled weekly and collected by RTS
- Working with suppliers that practice environmental responsibility
- Disposing of chemicals and raw materials responsibly
- Encouraging our guests to participate in our efforts by giving them the opportunity to make their own decisions in certain areas. We have signs in all our bedrooms asking guests to recycle their towels to save water.
- District central heating system
- Building management system
- Tinted windows
- The use of renewable building materials
- We operate a no smoking policy throughout the hotel and on the outdoor terraces.
- Provide complimentary local area maps created by Holly & Lil the Collarmakers to promote local businesses, community and walking
- We grow herbs and bee-loving plants on our public terrace to support the bees of Bermondsey and our neighbouring business Bermondsey Bees. We purchase their honey for our breakfast buffet and afternoon tea.


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