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Dancer in Residence

The Bermondsey Square Hotel has partnered with Nikki Santilli at Hot Jazz Rag, a local vintage jazz dance school offering private dance classes, hen parties and corporate dance groups.

Nikki has been dancing all her life, and specializing in Early Jazz styles ( of the 1920s – 1950s) for ten years. Besides running regular classes in central London, Nikki choreographs creatively for weddings and kicks off many a hen weekend with a Charleston class. Nikki has written for and performed on stage and on television (most recently, dancing on The Tracy Ullman Show). Her classes are an entertaining celebration of the history, music and dance of the golden age of jazz which can get even the most left-footed to trip the light fantastic!

Private Lessons

Take a dance lesson in a relaxed atmosphere, tailored for you.

Learn some wild ‘20s Charleston, get hep with the popular 30’s Swing Dance class or try the more sophisticated Balboa. You might even prefer the to evoke those sunny summers of the1950s with some cool Rock n Roll moves.

All social jazz dances that you can enjoy together and take to any social occasion!

Hen Party

There is no better way to start a Hen day or weekend with a Charleston class! Learn some great Flapper moves, put them together in a fun routine and you’ll be ready for whatever your vintage-themed day / evening holds!

Class 1.5hrs. No high heels. Flapper-wear thoroughly encouraged.

Corporate Groups

It’s amazing what authentic jazz dance can do for you. From a simple fun stress-relief to exercises in communication and expression, authentic jazz dance continues to bring laughter, co-ordination and an uplifting sense of team-work. Contact me with your ideas, time-scale and what you would like to achieve for your group for a customized session.

For more information please contact: | 0207 378 2450 


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