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Unleash Your Superhuman

Unleash your superhuman and master your life by discovering the four elements of a superhuman system

In this talk you will get tools to

• Create a champions mind-set

• Love the process as much as the achievement

• Unleash your core value

• Discover how to supercharge your nutrition

• Use body language feel powerful all the time

• Decrease stress in 5 mins a day

• Control energy levels

• Super charge your sleep & recover x2 as fast

Who does this help? People who I helped have suffered with some or even all of these problems below book now to find out how these tools helped them overcome their issues to become better versions of them self and tap in to their superhuman abilities.

- do you suffer with low energy?

- do you have Inability to handle work and home life well simultaneously?

- is your relationship with your other half more like one of a flat mate?

- are you struggling to keep up pace at work like they used too?

- are you struggling to keep up with your kids?

- has your health declined?

- are certain positions while sitting and standing become uncomfortable that used to be fine?

- are you unable to organise your goals and prioritise action to move on? (this caused some business owners to fail at delegating power to staff and kept them as a slave to their own business)

12-2pm Meet and Greet and optional lunch at the ultra-cool Bermondsey Square Hotel where you can sample some of the cook book they have helped create for eating like a super human.

2.00 Intro

2.15 My story

2.30 Previous clients’ successes

2.55 Break

3.00 Mind-set and values

3.30 Guest speaker

3.35 Nutrition and detoxing our bodies natural abilities and its blocks

4.05 Break

4.20 Body Language, stress, flexibility where convention goes wrong

4.50 Neurology, brain waves and multitasking

5.10 Break

5.15 Guest speaker 2

5.20 Closeing thoughts

Christian Thomson World champion 2011 & 5x British kickboxing champion is talking about his experience, the limiting factors he observed in himself and his clients. Learn what he did to overcome these limits and follow him on a journey into a personal passion of his creating superhuman potential.

"Over the years I have had to travel a long hard road, there have been many struggles in my quest to better myself and many hard lessons of lose pain and regret. I achieved my goal to become a world champion kickboxer, then unfortunately had to retiring due to a reoccurring injury which spurred me on to dedicated my time to learning all I could to help others achieve their goals and find answers to the frustrations I experienced. It was a difficult journey and I took a few wrong turns along the way. I made some sacrifices, some needed and other that could have been avoided. I know what it takes to succeed and perform at a high level and what mistakes can be avoided along that road.I use the experience I’ve gained from working with some of the world's top minds in neurology, nutrition, psychology and physical movement to help make it an easier road for everyday people to follow. I truly believe that inside everyone there is a spark of greatness that’s waiting to become the champion they deserve to be."

After working with me my clients go on to hit the bars with increased confidence, they go sky diving, get married, climb mountains that start to achieve goals that they never thought possible. In this one day work shop you will not only hear from people that have already benefited from these skills but also learn key tools to start you on your journey

This will be a unique event with great sponsors who are giving away all sorts of freebies such as

Each attendee will geta month free on my latest membership system worth £50,

A free copy of river magazine, the premier magazine in SE1 and along the Thames

A free cook book with 50 recipes from snacks to desserts, designed to make superhuman eating simple

A free sample of a cutting health supplement called Protandim (reduces oxidative stress/prevents the ageing of cells)

20% discount from the float works, London's best centre to experience a float tank experience and scientifically proven to reduce stress

NEW sponsor Synergy will be including a sample of there latest supplement proargi9+, This is a fantastic new product that improves heart health, releases growth hormone, improves the circulatory system and the immune system

New sponsor Ethos food will be sponsoring a 15% dicount at thier restaruant in oxford circus, a luxuary vegan restartuant.

The Bermondsey Square Hotel - Bermondsey Square Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 3UN 

Please contact the hotel for further information. 

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