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Discover Breathing Techniques with Christian Thomson

Join Christian at B2 at home on 12th August and also 26th August. 12-4pm

Former world kickboxing and British kickboxing champion, Christian Thomson stopped fighting due to injury and illness, when he was diagnosed swith chronic fatigue syndrome, which he suffered throughout his whole fighting career due to mercury poisoning from fillings in his teeth. 

For many years he used and practiced various breathing techniques to control nerves and maintain energy but when Christian started to study what else breathing could help with and do, it became an amazing tool - one which is often over looked. Breathing is not just essential for life it is also a powerful biofeedback tool for our body and brain, it is the first thing we have the power to change in our journey to shape our health.

Breathing patterns and heart rate variability is a vital part of controlling your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, today we are faced with a constant source of micro stresses that increase sympathetic tone, which is liked to many modern health issues including poor heart rate variability and has also been linked to cardiovascular disease.

Discover different techniques and postures you can do in any attire to prepare for an important meeting, calm yourself from a panic attack, prepare yourself for the gym, pick your energy up after an afternoon slump or even aid in overcoming health issues. If that wasn't enough it's free to implement, takes a couple of minutes and can be done anywhere any time.

Join Christian at B2 at home on 12th August and also 26th August. 12-4pm 

These events will be simple day workshops for small group of people to teach real, practical applications of how you can use certain breathing techniques to...

Improve mood
Improve concentration
Improve range of motion
Improve strength
Improve circulation
Improve confidence
Improve immune system
Improve multi tasking ability
Improve memory
Improve energy

Spaces are limited, book now.

*Tickets avaibale through Eventbrite. Lunch will be included in the ticket cost for anyone that books before the 5th of August and will consits of three courses.

If you have any allergies or prefrences for food such as vegitarian or vegans please emial at time of booking. Events may be recorded. 

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